Power Driven Trailed Salt & Sand Spreader

Power Driven Trailed Salt & Sand Spreader

Our range of salt & sand spreaders has been extended to include new models featuring larger capacity hopper and a unique power drive. This simple yet effective solution allows continued use of Logic’s unique and unequalled anti bridging agitation system that allows the consistent spreading of wet rock salt, sand and grit without the aid of troublesome vibrators and augers.

The new products also feature selectable, dual disc speed so that the operator can change from a narrow spread pattern for footpaths and restricted widths to a wider spread pattern for roadways and yards.

Achievable spread width range is 1.5m – 14m with application rates of between 5 – 80+g/m2.




• Hopper capacity 585 litres (750kg)

• 5.5hp Honda engine, enclosed in stainless steel housing

• Drive engage/disengage actuator. Remote control of drive engagement via control box

• Selectable dual speed disc (spread width 1.5m to 14m)

• Unique anti bridging agitation system

• Conveyor floor

• Adjustable feed quantity/sluice gate

• Stainless steel hopper, peripheral components and fasteners

• Bias adjustment to allow offset spreading left or right

• Full width one piece axle with progressive rubber suspension

• Choice of hitch couplings

• Over run braking system (un-braked option available on request)

• Jockey wheel

• Full road lighting



• Flashing beacon

• Tonneau cover c/w support

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