465L Stainless Steel Ground Driven Salt Spreader

465L Stainless Steel Ground Driven Salt Spreader

The GDS range brings professional, moving-floor technology found in highway-sized salt spreaders to a compact unit. This means that whatever the condition of the road salt you need to use, the GDS will handle it. A simple, ground wheel driven system drives the moving-floor conveyor, a unique full length in-hopper agitator and the spreading disc.

This system prevents the salt from bridging in the hopper and keeps a steady supply flowing to the disc. Being ground driven, the faster the forward speed, the greater the spread width: to give further options for spread width the GDS can be specified with either a standard or a high speed gearbox to drive the spreading disc: the standard gearbox will spread salt from 1.5 metres at 5mph up to 10 metres at 15mph and the high-speed version will spread from 3 metres at 5mph up to 14 metres at 15mph. When a wide spread width is required but operational speeds need to be kept low (for example, on speed-restricted sites) the high speed gearbox should be specified. Where a narrow spread width is required at higher speeds, a quick-attach disc shroud (optional extra) is available. Note that the maximum working speed with the drive engaged (i.e. when spreading) is 15mph: with the drive mechanism disengaged (i.e. when not spreading) the maximum speed is 30mph.

The hopper capacity is 465 litres (approximately 600kg). Highway salt spreaders frequently work using a rate of10g/m2 (a normal, pre-frost application rate). With a full hopper, a GDS set at this rate will treat 10km (over 6 miles) of roadway at a 6m spread width (see table below). Application rates can be adjusted from 10 - 80g/m2 to allow heavier application rates (e.g. during snowfall conditions) and is adjusted by a simple sluice gate. The accuracy and control provided by this system is vital to ensure that salt supplies are conserved while at the same time providing adequate coverage to suit a wide variety of climatic conditions.

GDS salt spreaders can be specified with either a heavy-duty two-pack painted hopper, or with stainless steel hopper for exceptional durability. A 50mm swivel ball hitch is fitted as standard, however a range of alternative hitches are available to suit the towing vehicle. This versatile machine can be taken into areas that would be impossible with a full highway-sized salt spreader and it is light enough to be used over paved areas and weight-restricted bridges without damaging the surface.

Optional extras for all models include a flashing beacon, a tonneau cover and a quick attach disc shroud to restrict spread width to 1.5m without reducing forward speed.

GDS and PDS machines are ideal for spreading rock salt but are also equally good for spreading other de-icing products as well as road grit and sand. This also makes them useful in situations involving oil and fluid spills (e.g. road traffic accidents) where they can be quickly deployed for spill containment and clean-up duties at any time of the year.




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Tonneau Cover


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