120L Ground Driven DRY SALT Spreader

120L Ground Driven DRY SALT Spreader

The LDS120DS salt spreader requires a de-icing product with good flow characteristics and therefore is for use with dry, bagged salt or other de-icing products which do not cake or bridge.

The LDS 120DS is not suitable for rock salt or sand; if these products need to be spread, please see our GDS and PDS ranges. For many users who need to cover smaller areas, the extra convenience of storing and using salt from 25kg bags is a huge advantage compared with the difficulty of storing and handling large quantities of rock salt.

The LDS 120DS salt spreader is ground wheel driven and is ideal for working in smaller car parks and yards. The unit can be towed by any suitable vehicle equipped with a 50mm (standard) tow ball.

 Using an LDS120DS transforms the vital task of spreading de-icing agent into a one-person job and ensures that it can be carried out quickly and consistently. The size and light weight of the LDS120DS means that it can be conveniently stored and quickly deployed at the onset of freezing conditions and is an ideal implement for premises where access would be too restricted for larger machines.


The LDS120DS is very simple to operate and delivers application rates of between 5 and 15 g/m2.

Available spread widths are between 8 and 12m (depends upon forward speed). The controls consist of two simple levers: one adjusts the amount of product dispensed and shuts off the flow and the other disengages the drive to the disc.

Hopper capacity is 120 litres (approximately 130kg). LDS machines are robustly constructed and have galvanised frames, stainless steel fixings and a strong polyethylene hopper which is translucent, allowing the fill level to be checked at a glance. The supplied hopper cover helps keep the salt dry and free-flowing in use. Please note that due to the hygroscopic nature of salt (it will attract and absorb moisture from the atmosphere) it is recommended that the hopper is emptied completely after use.

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