System 20 Snow Plow and Power Brush

System 20 Snow Plow and Power Brush

System 20 from Logic is the means by which a range of useful implements can be securely attached to the front of an ATV or UTV. System 20 chassis are designed in cooperation with the vehicle manufacturers to ensure the integrity of the vehicle frame when in use. System 20 is purpose-designed for each vehicle model (most popular ATVs and UTVs are catered for). The system consists of vehicle-specific brackets which attach to secure points on the vehicle frame. Once in place, these brackets can remain attached without compromising the vehicle suspension or operation in any way. When an implement is required it is simply attached to the interface using pins and ‘R’ clips. When fitted to an ATV, raising and lowering the implement can be done using the manual over centre lever (fitted as standard) or with the optional extra electric lift. Engaging the implement in and out of work from the driving position is easily accomplished when fitted with either type of lift. All System 20 units for UTVs have the electric lift fitted so that the implement can be remotely controlled from the cab.

For Winter Maintenance applications, Logic System 20 provides an exceptional way of attaching snow blades to ATVs and UTVs. Logic snow ploughs are very quick and easy to attach and can be angled to the left or right. The rubber wearing strip on the blade is replaceable. ‘Professional’ versions of Logic snow ploughs include a ‘break back’ system which operates if the blade encounters a hidden obstacle (e.g. a raised manhole cover) beneath the snow. Logic snow ploughs are tough and resilient and can easily cope with snow depths of 30cm.

Logic’s range also includes a Power Brush. Incorporating its own 5.5hp engine, this rotary brush is very effective at removing loose, powdery snow and can often be used in winter instead of a snow blade. The brush unit can be angled left or right to sweep snow to either side. What’s more, the Power Brush can also be used all year round for cleaning yards, drives and roadways.

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