C-Dax - SO500 Trailer Kit

C-Dax - SO500 Trailer Kit

Please Note
This listing is for a Galvanised Trailer Kit to suit a flat deck 500 litre tank . The Kit includes galvanised frame, springs, wheels and mudguards.

The illustratiion shows a 5.4m CDA Boom attached to the trailer unit. There are other boom options available

Trailed sprayers are subject to various forces generated by the dynamic effect of liquid in motion. These forces need to be isolated at the trailer and not transferred to the vehicle. To ensure the stability of the vehicle is not compromised, the Spray-On 500 trailer kit is well balanced, in proportion and has a low centre of gravity. The single axle is robust in construction and individually sprung to minimise shock transfer to the vehicle. As trailed sprayers are often used when conditions are too wet to permit access with heavier equipment, the Spray-On 500 trailer kit is fitted with mudguards and 2 leaf springs as standard.


Low profile for greater stability on uneven terrain
Heavy-duty steel frame with superior C-Dax suspension


Engine driven options available, P.O.A
SO500 Flat Deck Spray Tank 960.1094
SO200 Flat Deck Spray Tank 960.1086
SO200 Trailer Kit 960.4500-9310

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